Learning to live with Coronavirus

It looks like we’ll be in this for a while. Here are some clear resources from around the web to help all of us navigate this pandemic.


What you need to know

1) This virus is 'real' and dangerous

Without a vaccine for this disease or a comprehensive plan we have to socially engineer a resistance to it. That means:
– Wash your hands
– Keep 6ft of distance
– Wear a mask
– Talk with people about their precautions

2) We continue to learn more about it

As a ‘Novel’ virus we have had limited understanding of how it operates. Each day we learn more about it and we receive new data about how it is spreading locally. Keep your eye on local trends and new insights.

3) Each of us has a role to play in helping others

We’re all going through it. But everyone’s journey is different. If you can, support those around you. Volunteer. Organize. If you need help, reach out. Ask for assistance. People are out there to help.

Resource Maps & Databases

Find resources & support

Data Outlining the Uneven Racial Impact of COVID
Discover your local Mutual Aid Network
Find a job, where to get tested and more!
Access resources for artists, housing, mental health and more

Mutual aid & volunteering

Show up for your community

COVID Mutual Aid 101
Easy Instructions on How to Start a Mutual Aid Group
How to Setup a “Neighborhood Pod”
A Resource List for Mutual Aid Neighborhood Groups

Conversations & Socializing

Check in with other people

How to navigate uneasy moments with other people’s COVID protocol
What to do when friends and family aren’t taking COVID-19 seriously
Where to Start a Conversation About Conspiracy Theories

Health & Emotional Aid

Take care of your mental self

Wellness Guides for the Pandemic
Vetted Mental Health Resources
Activities and Ideas for Staying Home
Best Practices for Addressing COVID-19 Stress

Personal Protocol

Maintain a Safe COVID Protocol

Data & Dashboards

Track the Spread of the Virus

A Window into the Global Spread of Covid-19
Data Outlining the Uneven Racial Impact of COVID
Tracking the Local Fight Against COVID-19
A Big Picture View of the Pandemic in the US


Do you have the right info?

A thorough screening for COVID-19
Assess the possibility of COVID Depression & Anxiety
Covid Event Risk Assessment

Collections of resources

Resources for Frontline Workers
The Best Resources for Families
Important Resources for Small Businesses
A Collection of Resources for Artists

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